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Get your family vaccinated today and save our children from the influenza epidemic. We also offer point of care testing for influenza a or b.

"Wayne State forces out pharmacy that serves thousands of students, staff and Detroiters"

"University pharmacy is more than just your typical pharmacy. My motivation has always been to provide the best care for my patients, which naturally led me to pushing the boundaries of pharmacy allowing myself and others to bridge gaps in healthcare."

-Maria Young, Pharmacist, Owner of University Pharmacy

We are asking for YOUR help in our fight to stay on campus.

Here is how you can help:

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Petition will be delivered to Wayne State University

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Donations will go towards legal fees

We truly appreciate your ongoing support though this challenging time!

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Where we do more than just fill your prescriptions

University Pharmacy is your community wellness center. Not only will we fill your prescriptions, we offer a wide range of services including medication therapy management, smoking cessation programs, cholesterol, blood pressure checks, and diabetes management.

We want to be your pharmacy. By having all your prescriptions filled with us, we can help keep an accurate medication history which will aid in catching potentially harmful drug interactions, as well as make sure you are getting the most out of your medication therapy. We work with your physician or health provider to help ensure all your health and medication needs are being met all the time!


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"My experience with University Pharmacy has been wonderful. I think Maria and her staff really care about my health and wellbeing. I love getting reminders from them about when I need to refill prescriptions, and the delivery service has been very convenient!"

Audra Kovalchuk, University Pharmacy Patient

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