About Us

University Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy on the Campus of Wayne State University, serving the Metro-Detroit community. We are located at:

5254 Anthony Wayne Drive, Detroit, MI 48202. For more contact info, click here.

As an independent pharmacy, we can fulfill our mission of providing excellent care by focusing on the most important part of the healthcare system-YOU. We are always happy to answer questions and discuss medication therapy with all faculty, staff, students, and community.

University Pharmacy specializes in various disease states, and holds certifications to provide professional services related to: Immunizations, Medication Therapy Management, Geriatric Medicine, and Over-the-Counter Counseling. Along the continuum of healthcare, we promote health and wellness for the patient through lifestyle management support in areas such as: diet, exercise, and smoking cessation.

University Pharmacy is dedicated to the community of, and surrounding, Wayne State University. We are located on campus to improve access to pharmacy healthcare, and to maximize convenience for dropping-off, picking-up, or getting information about prescriptions.

University Pharmacy accepts over 5,000 insurance plans including Workman’s Compensation. If you have any question about your insurance, cash pricing, medications, or our pharmacy, please stop by, e-mail, or call us at the contact information listed above.

Employer Groups

University Pharmacy is constantly working to bridge the missing links in modern day medicine, and there is no greater place to start than employer groups. We are working with employer groups and small businesses to help manage disease states as well as to provide health and wellness programs for their companies. All self-insured employer groups benefit through our services as a result of our ability to decrease health care costs significantly. We also cater to other companies by dealing directly with insurance groups and reducing out of pocket health care expenses. Our services are indeed setting trends in the realm of health care and pharmacy.

University Pharmacy is at the forefront of health care delivery, helping to pioneer programs that better serve the health needs of the community. We have innovated and revamped the process of health care delivery in an effort to reduce costs and better cater to patient needs. Healthier patients make happier employees, happier employees increase productivity in the work field and that, in turn, increases bottom line for companies. See what our life changing programs can do for your employees and your company.